Evil pastors

While it is easy to point an accusing finger at the Catholic Church for decades of covered up child abuse, it appears to be far too easy to ignore the fact that the problem of coercive sex crimes are just as, if not more prevalent among Protestant churches in America today. Much like their Catholic counterparts, Protestant pastors and ministers are trusted with children who have been taught to obey the authority of their church leaders. This is not an opportunistic attempt to slander Christian pastors by stringing together random cases compiled over the decades — these are all stories that hit the local news in May alone.

These are a few of the reported cases of Christian leaders taking advantage of their positions of perceived power — from the month of May alone! Out of the shockingly long list at the link below, only ONE of the perpetrators was Catholic.

The rest? Your average Protestant pastor that nobody would have ever suspected. That is to-1, folks! Just like the crimes themselves, coverups are not just a Catholic problem. Many might see these crimes as being random and unrelated. I do not. Jeremy Grinnell: Pastor, seminary professor arrested for climbing ladder to watch neighbors have sex. William R.

evil pastors

Best Jr. While it is easy to be outraged by Catholic coverups, I will admit — I am more worried about the Protestant with just as much ability to skip town and even less accountability from any governing body. Is it really that difficult to imagine how many of these crimes are never reported to begin with out of not wanting to harm reputations, the church, or the community?

evil pastors

The man who is much more directly involved in the daily lives of all families within the church and is coming over for dinner tomorrow. The man whose kids go to school with the victims. The man who is seen as a respected community leader with perceived authority over their flocks. To a nine, twelve, or sixteen year old — these men ARE God.

My parting terrifying thought : These are just the cases where the victim had the courage and family support to come forward publicly to accuse their attackers — even in their positions of power and authority within the church and community. Police and prosecutors know that most of these crimes go unreported — especially within the church. How many more victims suffer in silence every day? Tell that to a nine year-old victim of rape, sodomy, and incest….

Obligatory disclaimer 1: Yes, of course — they are all innocent until proven guilty. Wake up! Yeah, that one in Idaho hit too close to home I live in Boise.

evil pastors

Too many times has this happened and too many times it has bee swept under the rug. Hey, as long as they ask for forgiveness all is well, right?Good for you. But this can be one of the finest services you render for the Lord and His church. What follows below is just one of the prohibitions, a summation of some pastor-types you and your committee will want to be wary of. When he said to beware the dogs and evil workers and false circumcision, Paul referred to those who would mutilate the church think of wild dogs tearing into a defenseless victimmisuse the church working their evil, which comes in all kinds of varieties and mislead the church pushing their false doctrine, in this case that believers had to be circumcised to be saved.

Beware the criminals! Beware the cutters! All right. They are the abortion candidates, the big-oil candidates, the environmental candidates or the Tea Party candidates.

There are pastors like this, men who have one huge thing on their plate and all their sermons and programs revolve around it. A friend told me of a pastor under whom he once served. With that man, everything was missions. And in his case, it was one country in particular where he was always traveling to minister and taking church groups.

The pastor needed those funds for Guatemala. In most cases, pastors need to be generalists, not specialists. The church needs to be evangelistic, but also mission-minded, Bible-teaching and good stewards. There may be a place for a pastor who does one big thing well and all other aspects of the ministry do not interest him, but chances are, your church is not the place for him. Know whom you are getting.

Bring a one-issue pastor to a church needing a jack-of-all-trades and nothing good will come from it. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Church Jobs Shop Subscribe.

Get help. Latest News. Pastoring Undocumented Workers in Civil Unrest.According to "The Blazing Center", spiritual abuse is when "a spiritual leader, such as a pastor, uses their power and influence to manipulate and control people. A spiritual abuser is not concerned with promoting the well-being of those he serves. It is very easy to become blinded by an influential pastor.

These types of leaders cross the line from being a shepherd of the Lord to a toxic pastor. They are difficult to spot, but when you familiarize yourself with the signs you will be equipped to identify who is and isn't a genuine leader.

The majority of church leadership is good people who are only trying to protect their flock from the wrong influences of Satan, but others have evil ways with a dark agenda that refuses any accountability.

Here are the signs. What often starts as good ambitions can curdle into spoiled, selfish ambitions, which then leads to spiritual abuse. Sadly, most bad pastors refuse to believe that anything is wrong with their leadership style or the way things are headed. They remain convinced that everything is great and that there is nothing that ever needs to change in their ministry. They do everything they can to isolate and discredit critics, smearing their character, accusing them of lacking faith, saying their understanding of the Bible is wrong, and even spreading lies about them.

If someone steps outside of the often-unspoken rules, leaders shame them into compliance. If the person will not comply, they will be asked to leave the church. They often have their circle of influence take on this task, silencing critics and making sure everyone stays in line.

Yet they often confront sin in others, particularly ones who bring up legitimate biblical issues. They believe their way of doing things, thinking theologically, or handling ministry and church is the only correct way and everyone else is wrong, misguided, or stupidly naive.

Furthermore, they use exclusive language inside of the church itself. Where followers close to the leader or leaders feel like lucky insiders and everyone else is on the outside, though they often long to be in that inner circle. Abusive pastors are usually controllers. They only want to surround themselves with people that agree with them, or "yes" people. They like to micro-manage their organization, congregation and employees and will become annoyed when they can't.

There is one way to do things, and it is their way. Therefore they will clear out anyone that they don't feel like they can control. Anyone with their own thoughts on how to run the ministry, anyone that has other interpretations of scripture, and the like will all be cast aside. They will have no opportunities for leadership positions, and the pastor will say they are combative if they try to offer up different solutions to problems in the church.

Everyone will be expected to be like drones, only doing the exact movements the pastor wants. Critics are dismissed. Expectation of loyalty and blind trust.

8 Dangerous Pastors Who Will Destroy Your Church

In order for a church or spiritual movement to be healthy, a diversity of opinions is required. Those who are loyal are promoted to positions of honor, while those who criticize are ostracized. A sure sign that things are going downhill is when everyone in leadership thinks, acts, and even speaks alike.

Culture of fear and shame. They are prideful and materialistic. They typically chase after wealth at any cost, and often at the expense of the very people they shepherd. They truly believe that what they are doing makes them better than those they are leading, and therefore they should have some sort of special treatment.

They are not genuine deep down, and though they are able to hold outward appearances the majority of the time they really are greedy and prideful.

Uses exclusive language. Often times, this involves creating odd leadership structures where those who are supposed to hold the pastor accountable are unable to do it.Religion can be a wonderful thing. It can bring people together and get them through hard times.

The people who lead the religions can also be wonderful individuals, serving as mentors, teachers, confidants, and friends. But, what happens when the ones people look up to, to guide them away from sin, become sinners themselves? In recent history, pastors behaving badly have become something of a commonplace occurrence. Coming to light in the late s, but beginning far before that, churches worldwide started to crack down on scandals within their congregations. Pastors were more thoroughly vetted, accomplices to abuse and affairs were held to higher standards, and indiscretions began to be less and less tolerated.

While most pastors behaving badly were stopped, there were some who remained in power far too long. In the early s, the Boston Globe uncovered hundreds of priests and church officials who had been abusing children for years without consequence, thanks to a network of people positioned to relocate them.

The expose rocked the Catholic Church but resulted in new ordinances being put in place to ensure that it didn't happen again. The scandals aren't always as sinister as abuse though. Some pastors who claim to be clean as a whistle, on the straight and narrow, and happily devoted to their godfearing wives have turned out to be lying, cheating, or caught with gay prostitutes.

For congregations where homosexuality is frowned upon, these revelations can be particularly shocking. Then there are the scandals that are more palpably devastating, like the pastors or preachers that extort money from the members of their congregations. Pastors who are caught stealing from collection plates or using donations for something other than their intended purpose often end up facing consequences. Though sometimes, as in the case of Creflo Dollar, they end up facing no repercussions and actually follow through with their shocking extortions.

After these cringey pastors, check out more famous pastors behaving badly, like David Koreshand the John Frum Cargo Cult. By Katie Serena. What happens when those who are supposed to guide us away from sin become sinners themselves?

Check out these pastors behaving badly to find out. Like this gallery? Share it: Share Tweet Email. For what, you ask? Getty Images. Paul Jennings Hill was a pastor who took his pro-life teachings a little too far when he shot and killed an abortion doctor outside of her clinic in Florida. He was arrested and later executed for his crimes. Wikimedia Commons.

Pastor Andy Savage made headlines early this year when he admitted to sexually assaulting a woman in The headlines were because he received a standing ovation from his congregation for his confession, not because justice was served.

When the Nixon tapes were finally revealed, Reverend Billy Graham found himself at the center of controversy. On one of the tapes, he was heard making comments about the "Jewish stranglehold on the media" and conferring with the President on how to end it. Bernard Law is possibly the most infamous "Bad Priest. Colorado mega-church founder Ted Haggard's world was rocked in when a gay prostitute came forward claiming he'd had an affair with the seemingly straightlaced, married father of four.

Haggard was eventually forced to step aside to let his wife become pastor. The family now appears on reality television, like Wife Swapon which he and Gary Busey's wives swapped lives. Inseveral young boys came forward and accused their church Bishop, Eddie Long, of sexual abuse.

Despite the accusations, Long remained a respected member of his parish until his death from cancer in Infamed television evangelist Jimmy Swaggart made a shocking, on-camera confession. He admitted to "moral indiscretions" and "incidents of moral failure" as tears streamed down his face on live television, and asked his followers and family for forgiveness before ultimately stepping down from his post. Additionally, he was indicted on federal charges of mail and wire fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the public.Stewart May Updated June You've likely heard the above text passage of Scripture quoted at some time in your life by a preacher.

But let me show you something you probably haven't heard. Carefully notice that this lack of knowledge wasn't innocent ignorance; but rather, it was a deliberate rejection of the truth But wait, it gets worse, look at who rejected the knowledge. What shameful cowards!!! Their earthly paycheck is the only reward they will ever receive!!! God doesn't reward fools!

I am saddened and upset when I think about how dangerous many pastors are to their congregations. People trust their pastor. People oftentimes place their complete trust in their pastor. I know good people, who attend an Independent Baptist Church, and enroll their children into the church's Christian school; but unfortunately, they are misled by their pastors to use satanic Bible versions and follow a false plan of Lordship Salvation salvation.

I'm talking about the apostate Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, who deny the inspiration of the King James Bible which is the official Bob Jones University position, of whom they are all alumni. Such pastors are a threat to their congregation, and are harming people spiritually. Please don't misunderstand, I'm an Independent Baptist myself. Every non-denominational church that I know of uses and promotes the satanic Bible revisions. That is so wrong! John MacArthur and his demonic Lordship Salvation heresy!

When you go to see a doctor, you trust him. We all need to go see a doctor from time-to-time. Last September I woke up with horrible pain in my stomach, and a sharp pain in the center of the spine, half way up my back.Get the most recent headlines and stories from Christianity Today delivered to your inbox daily.

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The Warning Signs of an Evil Pastor and Spiritual Abuse

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“25 MORE SHOCKING ARRESTS”: Pastors Charged With Sex Crimes

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evil pastors

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