Sulfur 8 shampoo and conditioner

Sulfur 8 by J.

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Strickland Africa, is the range of ethnic hair care. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookies policy. Close X. Log In Register. Sulfur 8 Sulfur 8 by J. You product has been added to the basket Product added Remy Silky Current quantity 1 Current price Select Size g.

Select Color Medicated. Quantity: ADD. Surlfur 8 Medicated Light Formula Conditioner lightweight formula and pleasant frgrancde,does not weigh hait down while it moisturizes and softens dry hair and scalp and beauties the hair. Select Size ml.

Braid Spray prevents dry itching scalp. Holds moisture in the hair, making it more manageable. Select Size ml ml. Select Color No Color. Sulfur 8 Shampoo is effective for removing dandruff flakes from the hair and scalp yet, it leaves the hair soft and manageable.

Sulfur 8 Shampoo has been used by families all over the world for more than forty years. Select Size ml g. Makes hair more manageable and adds sheen.

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Ideal for natural, pressed and relaxed hair. Select Color Light Medicated. An extra light, non greasy, oil moisturizing hair lotion that is designed for daily use to moisturize and protect your hair.

Its rich oils and emollients, including Vitamin E and Aloe. Directions to use are Shake well before using. Pour a small amount into palm of hand. Rub hands together and gently massage through hair. Use directly on scalp to control dandruff and itching.Does your head spin when you consider all the options you're bombarded with for just one simple, everyday beauty product? Are you better off with a shampoo that targets your hair type— curly or natural?

Should you go with one that's made for a specific issue— hair growth or beautifying grays.

Works great on dermatitis!

Or, is it best to try for a certain type of formula, like sulfate-free? If your hair is brittle and could use some moistureyou may want to consider that sulfate-free option. Sulfate-free shampoos differ from conventional formulas, because they don't contain, well, sulfates—harsh cleaning ingredients that can strip the scalp and hair of its natural oils, says Fae Norris, a stylist at Neighborhood Salon in Echo Park, California. They're also gentler on color-treated hairperms, and straightening treatments like Keratin.

Whether you have dry, dandruff-prone, fine, oily, curly, or color-treated hair, here are the best sulfate-free shampoos to suit your strands. It contains glycerin and coconut oil to keep kinks frizz-free for up to 24 hours—even on the most humid days. Have dry, brittle ends? And you can't beat that fresh floral scent that lingers long after you shampoo. This Sephora bestseller is so much more than a traditional shampoo. It contains charcoal and coconut oil to detoxify, exfoliate, balance, and soothe dry, itchy scalps prone to dandruff.

With continued use, you'll notice strands are stronger and longer, too. And it's inexpensive to boot. This sulfate-free shampoo is made without the typical ingredients found in most that make hair dull, negatively affect the tone and color of hair, or cause thinning or loss, says Fincher.

The no-residue formula is also great for hair extensions. It also has built-in UV protection—a must for color-treated hair. It also helps prevent fading and smells amazing—what more could you ask for? This Spring Beauty O-Ward winner earned high praise for its ability to wash away excess buildup that can weigh down fine hair. Editors love that the formula contains chelators, powerful ingredients that fight hard water, as well as charcoal to combat excess oil.

sulfur 8 shampoo and conditioner

Type keyword s to search. Beauty O-Wards Winner. OGX target. Best for Curly Hair. Garnier amazon. Best for Blonde Hair. L'Oreal Paris amazon. Liquid Glass Smoothing Shampoo.The jar I filled with a very thick hair dress. It was just plain. As I stuck my finger into the jar of Sulfur 8, I noticed that it had a very thick, but greasy consistency. It was more like a petroleum jelly, but was still very easy to spread across my scalp.

As I started to apply this to my scalp I felt a bit of a tingle. It was nothing that was over the top and there was no irritation. It was kind of like I actually felt my scalp absorbing the treatment.

sulfur 8 shampoo and conditioner

I spread I could put just a little on my finger and run it down my parts without problems. This hair and scalp conditioner should only be used after washing your hair. It really is just to maintain moisture in the scalp and prevent dandruff from forming.

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After using the whole container of this product, I did see some slight results. I felt like my dandruff took much longer to build up after washing my hair. It kept my scalp more shiny and healthy. My hair and scalp can stay moisturized for up to 48 hours with this Sulfur 8 conditioner. After using this product it is important to wash your hands thoroughly. It is very greasy and if you touch something you can ruin it. Also it is best to wrap your hair at night.

If not, you can possibly ruin pillows and pillow cases because of the oil content. ReviewStream real consumers real experience. Are you familiar with this? Share your thoughts.

sulfur 8 shampoo and conditioner

Your opinion is valuable. Sidenotes Want to buy Gift it to me. To Buy or Not to Buy? Cream Silk Dandruff-free conditioner.Instead, ditch your harsh formula and try one of these 12 sulfate-free shampoos that are really, truly excellent.

This sulfate-free shampoo is infused with antioxidant-rich superfoods like bananas, coconutsand acai to help moisturize, nourish, and repair your hair as you wash. It has tiny purple pigments that help neutralize brassiness to keep your blonde color looking fresh and bright. Want hair with more volume and body?

Get it in the shower with this sulfate-free shampoo. Safe for all hair types including color treatedthis sulfate-free shampoo is made with natural and organic plant-based ingredients, like green tea, aloe, and rosemary extract to gently cleanse roots. Dealing with dandruffflakes, or itchiness?

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Courtesy Image. Alterna amazon. Lauren Balsamo Deputy Beauty Director Lauren Balsamo is the deputy beauty director at Cosmopolitan covering all things skin, hair, makeup, and nails for both the magazine and website. More From Beauty.Do you worry about using medicated products on their skin?

There are far better shampoos out there. Will an adult anti-dandruff shampoo work or should you be using an anti-dandruff shampoo made for kids? Which is the situation for almost all of us because ALL anti-dandruff shampoos look the same. Visit J. The founding of J. Strickland and Co is not a romantic one.

sulfur 8 shampoo and conditioner

Among J. This could be because they have no need for it and mainly sell through 3rd party retailers i. Arriving in a 7. Yellow, blue and pink — yes this will appeal to your kids. Drop a bottle into the bath and it will not fill with water.

The shampoo is not an aggressive foamer. Meaning you may find Sulfur8 kids anti-dandruff shampoo a little more difficult to spread versus standard shampoos. If your kid has thick hair it may be best to use 2 or 3 smaller doses on different areas of scalp. The good news — when it comes to washing out the subtly scented formula quickly thins on contact with water making rinsing out a breeze.

j. strickland africa

The answer to this question can be found by quick analysis of the ingredients list. Zinc Pyrithione is one of the most popular and oldest active ingredients used today to combat dandruff caused by seb derm. Used at a concentration between 0. Used in concentrations between 0. At concentrations between 0. Claims 1 and 2 are correct. Among the most prominent studies are:. Claim 3. Claim 4. Somewhat surprisingly, it does not contain sulfur as the name suggests.

The rest of the formula is basic at best and very poor in places. Potentially severe outbreaks too. A master of chemistry, a product formulation expert and a regular reviewer on this site.

Megan wishes to remain partially anonymous so she can be candid about her employer's and competitor products. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed.Sulfates have been taking a lot of flak from the beauty world lately, and with good reason. Using products that contain sulfates on fine or fragile hair can have damaging effects, so thinner hair textures can really benefit from sticking to the best sulfate free shampoos and conditioners for fine hair.

The reason they were added to many shampoos in the first place is that they produce a rich, foamy lather and help you to get that "squeaky clean" feeling that people now associate with great hygiene. But, the problem with sulfates is that, in addition to removing dirt and excess oil, they can also strip your hair of its natural oils, anti-microbial peptides, proteins, bacterial flora, and vital moisture. This can lead to frizz, follicle stress, static, and, in some cases, extreme scalp irritation.

For fine hair, this means tons of breakage and a lot of damage.

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That being said, there are now quite a few awesome sulfate free shampoos and conditioners made specifically for fine hair. These nine will make your hair soft and clean without putting unnecessary stress on your scalp and follicles.

This shampoos and conditioner set from L'Oreal Paris features an amino acid complex which helps to strengthen hair, minimizing future to damage. The shampoo won't strip your hair, and the conditioner won't weigh it down either — which means more volume and body.

It stimulates the scalp with biotin and caffeine while strengthening strands with argan oil and nettle extract.

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The ingredient list is short and sweet, comprised of seven pronounceable ingredients — none of which are sulfates. Argan oil is an incredible moisturizer for thin hair, because it's considered a "dry oil" — which means it absorbs quickly and doesn't make your hair feel greasy. It's also loaded with nutrients for damaged hair. The Art Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner set cleanses hair gently and effectively, without stripping color or protective oils, and adds body and shine.

Aveeno is a brand known for incorporating gentle botanical ingredients into their formulas, and their Pure Renewal Conditioner does just that. It's formulated with seaweed extract which helps to rebalance hair's natural moisture levels. And, it's lightweight enough so that it won't weigh down thin or fine hair.

Ask any salon professional which shampoo you should use on your fine or thin hair, and chances are they'll recommend PHYTO's Phytovolume shampoo. This industry favorite boasts an antiseptic, sulfate-free formula that uses a blend of plant-based ingredients to thicken hair, purify the scalp, and regulate oil production.

The result? Cleaner, more voluminous, bouncy hair that won't go limp or hang heavily. As a bonus, it smells delicious. Get a big bottle of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner from a classic drugstore brand with this duo from Herbal Essences.

The shampoo contains black charcoal, which helps cleanse and purify hair so it's healthier and looks more voluminous, while the white charcoal conditioner moisturizes and softens.

The detoxing shampoo also gently clarifies by removing oil and excess product buildup, which can help with itchiness, flaking, and tight feeling scalps. Made with sage and tea tree, this Maple Holistics Shampoo Conditioner Set is free of sulfates, but loaded with nourishment.

It's good for any type of hair, because it uses lightweight essential oils to cleanse and hydrate the scalp, and it's formulated with amino acids, keratin, and vitamin b5 to help prevent further damage to your hair.

It does not strip or dry out my hair.Sulfur 8 is a range of hair care products consisting of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and braid butters used by people of African descent with highly textured hair. Sulfur 8 is useful in preventing seborrheic dermatitis and lice. It heals and relieves itchy scalps, while conditioning to aid hair growth. Sulfur 8 ingredients include 2 percent active sulfur, inactive lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil and menthol.

The original Sulfur 8 medicated formula was created in Since then the company has produced a wide range of products to suit your individual needs. According to Lavibelle Hair Design, Sulfur 8, when used regularly, stops lice from laying eggs in your hair.

Sulfur 8 is also helpful in preventing dandruff.

What Are the Benefits of Sulfur 8?

The medicated menthol formula produces a pleasant tingly, refreshing sensation when applied to your scalp. It soothes and heals scalp irritation, while easing itchiness associated with a dry scalp.

Sulfur 8 is also known to be effective in treating and preventing dandruff, keeping your scalp healthy to promote hair growth. Braids offer an attractive alternative to loose hairstyles, and can act as a protective style, giving your hair a break from everyday styling. If you neglect to keep your scalp oiled and lubricated, it can become dry and flaky.

The Sulfur 8 Original Formula, although effective as a conditioner, is too heavy to use on braided styles. In such cases, you can use the Braid Spray. A Cosmetic Bay review suggested that Sulfur 8 Braid Spray could help prevent split ends from forming while removing braids and extensions.

Sulfur 8 Braid Spray is also excellent at keeping dandruff at bay. The light conditioner softens and moisturizers your hair, to keep it hydrated, well groomed, soft and bouncy. A clean scalp is vital for healthy hair and sustained growth and Sulfur 8 Shampoo provides the perfect cleansing tool for highly textured hair.

This rich, deeply cleansing shampoo is ideal in removing oil, dirt and debris from deep within the pores of your scalp. Like the other Sulfur 8 products, Sulfur 8 Shampoo prevents dandruff and excessive flaking.

Eshe Asale is a holistic massage therapist who began writing in with articles appearing on various websites and in "Iqra" newspaper and the "Between Love, Hope and Fear" anthology.

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