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The Majin race was a race of strong individuals whose lifespans were unlimited, like those of Vampires. Battle-Majin Diablos possess two horns, membranous wings, a tail with a triangular tip and blue skin.

They also have muscular bodies that are as large as those of Titans. Obscene-Majin Succubi, Males are referred to as Incubi; possess features such as their horns, membranous wings and the color of their skin are the same as the Diablos, but their physiques are similar to those of humans, with many individuals having balanced bodily proportions.

Also, there are rumors that many have tails with heart-shaped tips rather than triangular ones. Beast-Majin Vandals, other than having two horns and blue skin, they have little in common with the other two types of Majin. Their bodies have beast-like characteristics, or rather they simply possess beast body parts, and it is possible for two Vandals to appear to be completely different races.

Those who simply have fur, scales or shells covering over half of their bodies and those with beast-like ears, tails, fangs and claws are the plain ones. There are some with the upper bodies of wolves or tigers, and some with the lower bodies of enormous four-legged beasts or serpents. The great majority of Majin did things at their own pace and followed their own paths… or rather, prioritized their own hobbies and interests.

The thing that they all had in common was that they considered individual strength to be important. Even when the kings of their nation were elected through a tournament or battle royale between the candidates. This was true for both the Drakonid and Majin nations, but the Majin nation had a broader definition of strength, so they sometimes elected kings through board games, drinking competitions and contests of wit as well.

Despite that, the Majin felt a firm sense of companionship with each other, with bonds between those who shared hobbies and interests being particularly strong.

That was the kind of race the Majin were, so the position of king was mainly an honorary one, its role being like that of a class representative on Earth, keeping everyone unified. They are believed to be evil and peerlessly cruel.

But the truth is that they are a race born between Vida and Zantark, the war-god of fire and destruction, who fused with two evil gods. They are a separate race from the Kijinwhom human societies believe to be a single race with the Majin.

It seems that this misunderstanding stems from the fact that the ancestor of the Majin race and the ancestor of the Kijin race are twins, just like the ancestors of the Arachne and Empusa. They do not have particularly virtuous personalities, but they are not evil or peerlessly cruel, nor do they enjoy every immorality. They do have strong pleasure-seeking, hedonistic tendencies, but compared to Vandalieu or Lucilianomany of them seem to be within the realm of being ordinary.

At present, the Majin race is divided roughly into three types, but like the Arachne, only a single type of Majin existed before the war that occurred a hundred thousand years ago, and the other types appeared after the war. There are records of Pure-breed Majin left in the Majin nation, so I shall include them and describe the four types of Majin.

Papo Assassino Maldito :-: - Papo \u0026 Yo #11

First, the Pure-breed Majin that were simply called Majin at the time, from which the current Majin race originated. From legends and such that are left, it can be concluded that they had a base Rank of 5. Next, the Battle-Majin Diablos, such as Godwinthe current king of the Majin, belongs to this category. They are a combat-oriented race, exceptional both in combat techniques and the use of magic, and their base Rank is 7.

There are eyewitness accounts of them swimming in lakes of magma. Obscene-Majin Succubi, Males are referred to as Incubi. Their base Rank is 6, and though their physical abilities are not poor by any means, their magical qualities are more exceptional. However, the most characteristic thing about this type of Majin is that they all possess the Allure, Spirit Siphon, and Illusory Transformation Skills.

But because their Illusory Transformation Skill does not work on members of the same gender, it was said in human societies that couples with poor relationships that slept in separate rooms were suitable targets for Obscene-Succubi.

venom majin 4

When asked about this, they said that it would be more normal to target unmarried people living on their own. This is a very reasonable argument. In addition, it seems that they have no problem in continuing to live without using Spirit Siphon.

Beast-Majin Vandals.Boomstick: It's always nice to have a best friend attached to your hip, like me and my shotgun leg. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win Wiz: At the beginning of time, in the faraway reaches of space, the Klyntar rose from a living darkness.

One of these amorphous symbiotes was Venom. Boomstick: Who was a freakin' loser! Hey, don't look at me, all the goop aliens were saying it. So they kicked the poor slime ball straight off the planet. Wiz: In its exile, the symbiote underwent a number of misadventures which firmly shaped its personality. It bonded to a heroic Kree soldier rescuing refugees, a violent monster who committed genocide, and Boomstick: It gave him a pretty slick black suit and awesome new powers, but after finding out it was a confused raging psychopathic alien, Pete decided to exorcise it with the power of Christian rock.

Venom Vol 4 4

Wiz: A wise decision, although ill-timed, as this event would cause the symbiote to finally meet its greatest partner, Edward Brock. Boomstick: Eddie was a journalist with the unluckiest backstory ever. While trying to uncover the identity of a serial killerhe blamed the wrong guy. The same day he published his article, Spidey caught the real killer, who lived right next door to the dude Eddie blamed!

Wiz: Long story short, Eddie was fired from his job, divorced by his wifeand disowned by his father. Wiz: On top of all that, Eddie learned he'd developed adrenal cancer, with only a few months left to live. Boomstick: Man, and I thought was rough. I almost don't blame him for becoming a supervillain.

Boomstick: Just like Captain Planetwith their powers combined, these two losers became Wiz: Their mutual hate of Spider-Man caused the symbiote to bond to Eddie like no host ever before. They were perfect, a terror in the night, an unstoppable demon, they were Venom.

venom majin 4

Boomstick: Apart from Spider-Man's webbing and web-crawling powers, Venom can use shapeshifting to mold his body into cool doo-dads.

Swords, shields, tendrils, worm monster things, even wings! Yeah, imagine seeing this guy flying outside your window. At night. Welp, good luck sleeping ever again. Wiz: Venom can camouflage his entire body, heal severe wounds, like impalement and lost limbs, see all around him at once, and psychically project emotions onto others. Boomstick: Normally, this just makes people feel sorry for themselves, like Wiz on Tinderbut one time, he convinced a bunch of other symbiotes that life was meaningless, and they killed themselves.

Man, that's dark!Hi guys, you must be wondering, what is he thinking? Well, I can only write what I enjoy and whatever takes my fancy. Do you know that I had a chap three times this length of a Naruto is Cell thing before I scrapped it.

I just love Majin Buu. He is by far the most awsome character in DBZ and his regeneration ability kicks Cell's ass. And his obsession with candy makes him a fun character. Remember, odd ball things makes a fun write. I won't ever stop my other fics, but this plot bunny is driving me insane. I had to wirte it. So tell me what you think. I always liked the characters themselves more then the DBZ universe, which is why i wanted to write a crossover with something that wasn't DBZ even if it had Buu.

But not to read. Just to watch. And i always wondered what would happen if Naruto met Terra early. So without further ado, here is my first big future series. The Majin Naruto Buu Saga. But the pink psycho had one last trick. He used Goku's Instant Transmission to try and teleport away even as he was obliterated.

As a result, a piece of skin the size of a walnut escaped to another dimension. But it was completely out of energy and if it didn't find a large source of energy fast, then even this piece of Kid Buu would perish. So it latched onto the largest source of energy it found, that of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

It was then sealed along with the Kyuubi into an infant Naruto. Naruto was crying alone in his wrecked bed.

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He was crying not because of any physical pain, but the emotional pain of being alone. Kid Buu had finally finished absorbing the Kyuubi and all its memories.

Absorbing the mind of a near millennium old demon had done wonders for his intelligence and even helped him familiarize himself with where he was. And how to get out. Naruto's sadness had slightly weakened the seal, not nearly enough for the Kyuubi to even consider escaping, since the seal was only five years old. But more than enough for Kid Buu to try his luck. Kid Buu concentrated before firing a massive pink blast at the seal. The gates groaned and cracked, but held for now.

Suddenly Kid Buu sensed someone behind him. Kid Buu turned round and said, "Me Buu. Kill you. So he changed his mind, instead he was going to eat her.

Buu disappeared in a show of speed far beyond anything Kushina could comprehend. Once he was behind her a pink bit of his skin expanded into a cocoon that enveloped Kushina.When an alien symbiote from outer space bonded with Spider-Manit created a black suit which gave him incredible power.

However, Peter soon learned that his suit was not only alive, but it also augmented his rage and sought to permanently bond with him, believing Peter to be its ideal host. Horrified by the experience, Spider-Man eventually discarded the symbiote. Meanwhile, a down on his luck reporter, Eddie Brockwas contemplating suicide after losing his job at the Daily Globe when it was discovered that Brock had fabricated a news story about the identity of a serial killer named the Sin-Eaterwho Spider-Man had brought to justice.

Not only that, but he was also divorced from his wife, diagnosed with cancer, and disowned by his father. After blaming Spider-Man for his misfortune, Eddie decided to go to a church to ask for forgiveness.

Venom Vol 4 1

Coincidentally, Peter was in that same church where he had the symbiote removed not long before Brock arrived. The symbiote, sensing Eddie's distress, bonded with him, and since they both shared a mutual hatred for Spider-Man, Brock and the symbiote swore vengeance on the friendly neighborhood web-slinger and became Venom, one of Spider-Man's greatest foes of all time.

However, the two would later become allies. Venom appeared in Season 4 of DBX, where he fought against Spawn from the series of the same name and lost. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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The Lethal Protector.It is a nation in the Boundary Mountain Range founded by the Majin raceyears ago after Vida's fall to slumber. The nation continued to quarrel with other nations in the Boundary Mountain Range under "survival of the fittest" until around 50, years ago with the rise of the 'Wise Emperor' Buugih of the Noble Orc Empire, who quelled the fighting and created a check-and-balance system among all nations of the Boundary Mountain Range.

The gods had also created Dungeons for those who worshipped them, but they had been unable to control the Dungeons that had appeared naturally, far away from the settlements. With the monster rampages caused by Ravovifard, the Majin Nation with military power equivalent to the Noble Orc empire's could not move so easily, busy dealing with the monsters overflowing from the Dungeons. With information coordinated by Queen Donaneris of Zanalpadna, King Godwin of the Majin nation had personally led his royal guards to pursue Gerazorg, who had become a traitor to the nation.

Ravovifard pawn in the Majin Nation Gerazorg cried and fled against the retaliation, but the angry king of the Majin nation, Godwin, chased him down on his own and captured him alive. There were battle addicts in the Majin Nation that were engrossed in fighting the rampaging monsters, allowing no problems with several Majin leaving to have a post-war celebration party.

And each nation had adhered to the teachings of the creation-minded champion Zakkart, who had told them to not let technicians and craftsmen die out, working hard to ensure that technology and culture did not come to an end. The Majin Nation's specialty food was tempura. He was thrusting his hands directly into the boiling oil, lifting out vegetables, fish, insects and meat. Japanese cuisine such as udon, mochi, sushi and tempura had remained in the region within the Boundary Mountain Range, but the methods of creating them had changed considerably.

None of these dishes were food enjoyed by the citizens; they had all become dishes created by the warriors of the nations in a heroic manner to be eaten in feasts celebrating victory in battle. The dishes were eaten on occasions other than after battle, but other than the mushroom tea, the cooking process was so harsh that one needed a well-trained body and considerable swordsmanship to create them. In the case of tempura and sushi, however, it was also because cooking oil and ingredients fresh enough to be eaten raw were far more expensive products in Lambda than in modern-day Japan.

A race transformation ritual that Godwin himself had never performed, one that had not been performed by any Majin for thousands of years until Iris's.

Majin Nation

The Majin Nation is noted to have imported condiments such as ketchup from Talosheim. The environment appears similar to the nature of Earth's Africa. The nation of Zanalpadna is distant from the Majin nation. The population census is low among other nations. The Majin race had long lifespans. Perhaps because of this, their birth rates were extremely low… their reproductive ability was not much different from Elves and Dark Elves, but it seemed that the Majin race had little interest in leaving descendants behind.In medieval Scandinavia, a group of Norse warriors attempt to bar the doors of Heorot Hall against an attacking monster, their jarl demanding to know where Beowulf is.

Black tendrils burst through the door and snare the warriors, yanking them through the air into the gaping maw of an enormous beastwhich speaks in an alien language as it devours them. Eddie Brockviewing these events as a nightmare, is initially confused; not recognizing the place or the language, but feeling like it belongs to him.

venom majin 4

Abruptly realizing that the dream is not his but his symbiote 's, Eddie awakens as a bolt of lightning splits the sky overhead. Sitting up, he notices he is alone before correcting himself that he is never alone, looking to where the Venom symbiote is huddled in the darkness, separated from him. He tries to reassure it that the thunder won't hurt it, but it interrupts and asks if he saw the monster. Eddie replies that he did, noting that he didn't know it even could have nightmares, and the Venom symbiote replies that it didn't know either.

As it rebonds to him, the symbiote asks why its mind hurts and if Eddie knows what's wrong with it, but when he tries to reassure it that nothing's wrong - heading into his apartment's bathroom - it snarls that he's lying, demanding to know why he's taking anti-psychosis medicine if nothing's wrong. As Eddie takes a handful of pills, the symbiote begs him not to shut it out and that it can be better.

He apologizes to it as the pills begin to take effect, staring into his unkempt reflection as it suddenly launches into a furious tirade, threatening to kill him from the inside and eat his brains. Eddie tries to calm it down until its voice goes silent, pondering the symbiote's latest backslide into murderous rage and bloodlust - which at its worst is so intense that it frightens him.

A police scanner interrupts his brooding, declaring that the Jack O'Lantern has been sighted. Transforming into Venom, Eddie notes that he lost his job at the Fact Sheet due to being unable to concentrate on writing with the symbiote screaming psychotic nonsense into his brain and trying to force him to kill everyone around him.

While he can barely control the symbiote enough to get from Point A to Point B by web-swinging, he's affirms to himself that he's not completely useless despite being sidelined. In a warehouse, Jack O'Lantern attempts to carry out an arms deal, unloading high-tech guns that he claims came from Norman Osborn 's private stash and don't trigger Spider-Man 's Spider-Sense.

His buyers - the GrizzlyKangarooand Hippo - are skeptical and dismiss him as an idiot; but before Jack can respond, the lights go out and they are surrounded by police. Taking pictures from a nearby rooftop, Eddie laments that the symbiote's renewed bloodlust makes him unwilling to engage in combat lest it go berserk. Despite feeling like a coward and telling himself he would've intervened had something gone wrong, he's relieved that the situation is under control.

As soon as he thinks that, Jack O'Lantern pulls out a pistol and shoots one of the cops, fleeing into an alley. The Venom symbiote takes over, reducing Eddie to a passenger in his own body. He pleads with the symbiote to stop, but it only responds with maniacal laughter and bloodthirsty screaming as Venom pounces on Jack, shattering his pumpkin helmet.

The man - who is not the real Jack O'Lantern - recognizes Venom and surrenders, begging for mercy and saying he just found and stole Jack's costume and gear. As Venom towers over the man, silhouetted by lightning, Eddie laments that this isn't him and that the symbiote isn't listening. As the man continues to beg for mercy, Venom stabs a clawed thumb into his right eye, the police arriving seconds later and telling Venom to freeze. As they open fire ineffectually, Venom turns around to reveal his eyespots have become a crimson spiral, porous holes appearing on his body, his spider-emblem turning into a red dragon, and protruding red veins forming all over his arms and legs.

The symbiote speaks in the same alien language the monster in Eddie's nightmare had used and, as it moves to attack, Eddie feels his mind once again drowning in the dark ocean of its bloodlust. As the symbiote continues to speak in the alien language - saying that its god, Knullis awake and coming - Eddie inwardly reels in pain - the words cutting into his mind like broken glass.

As Eddie begs for someone to kill him before the symbiote hurts anyone, an explosive bullet hits Venom in the face and detonates. As the smoke clears, Eddie calls out and asks if the officers are alright. The shooter, mistaking him for Flash Thompsonsays that they'll be blind for a few minutes but are otherwise unharmed. Eddie informs the shooter of his mistaken identity, and the shooter remarks that that's disappointing but that he'll have to make do before shooting Eddie in the neck with a tranquillizer dart.

As Eddie regains consciousness, the symbiote - sanity restored for the moment - urges him to wake up. The symbiote demands that Eddie kill the man who attacked them, forcing his eyes open and sneering that he's worthless and that it should abandon him for a better host. Realizing that the anti-psychotics have worn off, Eddie yells at the symbiote to shut up - noticing that the person who abducted him has chained him to a chair, amps wired to incapacitate the symbiote and a blast furnace to cause it further discomfort and kill them if need be.

Seated in a chair nearby, a middle-aged African-American man with a scarred face chuckles at Eddie's outburst and takes out a lighter, Eddie realizing he knows his way around symbiotes. Eddie demands to know what the man wants with him, and the man replies that he needs Eddie's help - admitting that he wanted Flash Thompson but that his intel on who's bonded to the Venom symbiote must be outdated.

The man asks Eddie what he knows about Project Rebirth 2.True symbiosis appears to only be possible if the host ingests enough food to keep their body running during the first few hours after they bond. But sooner or later, the symbiotes' insatiable appetites lead to every world running out of potential foods, and they're forced to seek another planet. Developed from " seeds " collected from the parent Venom symbiote, each had their own distinct powers weapon arms, attack hair, other very 90s affectations.

Here's your guide to all the symbiotes introduced in the movie.

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Team leader of the symbiote scouts sent to Earth, Riot is the most powerful of all the symbiotes we've seen to date. He has a propensity for jumping from host to host in the movie, just like in the comics. Riot's goal is to establish a bridgehead for a fully-fledged symbiote invasion of Earth, and he doesn't care how many he kills in order to accomplish that goal; indeed, he rather seems to enjoy the bloodshed.

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That name will be familiar to any comic book reader, given it's the real name of another symbiote host in the comics, Scream. Although Riot escaped, a number of symbiote samples were still obtained by the Life Foundation.

Phage doesn't survive the Life Foundation's experiments. It looks to be the Toxin symbiote, a better-known character than any of the Five - and, ironically, in the comics the only symbiote to become a trusted superhero ally of Spider-Man.

Of course, we have the Venom symbiote itself - the star of the film.

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It turns out that Venom is generally viewed as something of a " loser " among his own people, and frankly was quite delighted to get away from the rest of his fellow symbiotes.

Where the rest of the symbiotes seek to dominate, Venom strives for true symbiosis, and truly values his hosts - to the extent that he betrays his people in order to save humanity. Venom's sense of morality, of course, is very different to our own; there's no sense that he really cares too much whether he bites the heads off good or bad people.

Still, he's willing to accept Eddie Brock's restrictions, albeit with good-natured grumbling. According to director Ruben Fleischer, " The intention or the ambition was to show that there are legs for the franchise in that a fan favorite let alone played by Woody Harrelson would be something we could look forward to in the future.

Despite a brief jaunt in Mathematics at Durham University, film writing was always his calling. He's covered a wide range of movies and TV shows - from digging out obscure MCU Easter eggs to diving deep into deeper meanings of arthouse fare - and has covered a litany of set visits, junkets and film festivals. He once asked Tom Cruise about his supposedly fake-butt in Valkyrie he swore it was all real.

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