Zx10r fuel fuse under tank wont start 2005 full

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The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size size and later compact car produced by Pontiac. The generation is the final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am. A leaking fuel line will starve the engine to the point of quiting. Hello I am working on a grand am Pontiac v6 engine the car just stopped on her so I came out and gave the car a jump it started and stalled again the finally got it to start and drove it home for the young lady then tried to start it back up and its nothing light on the dash and a click noise.

I have something similar but I'm getting spark and fuel but doesn't sound like the injectors are pushing fuel relays are working spray fuel in the throttle body it starts but shuts right down. May 14 by Tommy Sara. Show 1 more comment. Chris Green chrisgreen. Check in the engine compartment fuse box, it should be near the battery under the hood.

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The cover should be pretty easy to remove. The fuel pump should be connected through a fuse in slot If that fuse looks goodthen you may want to check the fuel pump relay also inside the engine compartment fuse box.

The fuel pump relay is 18 in the fuse box. Start with the car off, and have somebody else put the key in the cars ignition and attempt to start the car while you listen to the relay. If you can hear this relay make a "clicking" noise as the car attempts to start, then it is working properly.

If this doesn't solve the problem, make sure that the engine is actually turning when you attempt to start it. If you can hear the starter motor turning but the engine isn't turning look at the belt then the starter may not be engaging in your car I believe this means that you must replace the whole starter.

You can remove and test your starter to confirm whether or not the solenoid is engaging the starter. If you tell me which engine your car has I can give you more things to try.

zx10r fuel fuse under tank wont start 2005 full

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There are many reasons for your car to crank and not start. As a first step best to see if there are any stored trouble codes that could point directly to the fault. Some of the auto parts suppliers offer free code reading like Pepboys, Nappa, Advanced auto parts,etc and some of the guys are very knowledgeable and may have seen the issue often and put you on the right track. Find below some trouble shooting links that may help solve your issue. John, fuses all good, relay good, and you are certain the pump does not come on, the pump only runs for a few seconds to build pressure unless the engine runs.

Thank you scentina michael i do need to change filter. My Grand Am sometimes wont start. I've noticed that when it wont start, the security light is flashing. To resolve the problem I have to leave the key in the ignition with it in the "ON" position for 12 minutes to reset the sensor.This gauge flip-flops more than a politician during election season. Some report that the gauge says "empty" after a fill-up, while others report the gauge says "full" when they're running on fumes.

Either way, there's one thing everyone seems to agree on: the darn thing is just wrong. Unfortunately for frustrated owners, no recall has been announced. I am the original owner and take care of my car, the gas gauge stopped working after I filled up so I dont know how much gas I have. There have been no recalls. There are a TON of people with this issue. The garages are aware of it. There was a service bulletin - for cars that were still under warranty ormiles or less along with 10 years or younger.

I am out of the warranty period since my problem started to occur. I ran out of gas and stalled on a major route I was almost hit. I have tried to keep my eye on the odometer keeping track of how many miles I have gone since last fill up, but unfortunately, I am not the only one who drives the car. I also reset the tripometer each time I fill up. The entire dash cluster does not work.

We pay such an awful amount of money for these vehicles and they don't even last. I can't begin to describe the pain in my ass over this low fuel light, fill it up, still on, gets low still on.

Wish they would recall. Had problem fixed at dealer I bought this Trailblazer in with 90, miles in it. From the next day, I noticed the fuel gauge was bouncing back and forth but will stay at!

The first time I filled up the tank, 2 weeks later, the needle indicated "empty" and the light came on and the light indicates empty ever since every time I fill up the tank. I drive a lot for work and I can never know how much gas is in the tank. I do believe that GM has the responsibility to fix the problem in all the Trailblazer. I think GM created the problem with full intention to bring more money to the dealerships. I think there should be a class action lawsuit against GM.

**Solved!** Starter relay problem! Works for most bikes/vehicles!

Don't believe I caused it, after first check with dealership repair shop for routine maintenance oil change and gas cap problem. The speedometer gets stuck were it wants to at any time driving, at low speed or the limit, it just does not function until a day or two when I reset it, then it works and then it doesn't.

I did get a warning for speeding and mentioned to the dealer to no avail, There seems to be no one to help. My understanding after much thinking and intuition is that this problem is connected to the Driver Information Center and the OB II Diagnostic Trouble Codes in the instrument panel cluster.

The fact that both things work at one time or another tells me that someone has been holding back in management so we the consumers keep on paying for dissatisfaction, my last Chevrolet and now I find that there were other recalls.

My fuel gauge had gone out. It did work some times which i informed them at service dept. Told them at time it was working right.

They told me they had fixed problem when i picked up my truck. Couple days later same problem. They then told me it was a different problem that was not covered under recall. So i paid to have that problem fixed. Later that nite my car engine would not turn off.The gas gauge tells you how much fuel is in your gas tank and alerts you when it's time to refuel.

Running low on fuel can also cause the fuel pump to pick up sediments, which clog the fuel filter, fuel injectors, or high pressure fuel pump. If your gas gauge isn't working, it's important to identify the source of the issue, then make a plan for repair.

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Read on to learn the most common causes of broken gas gauges and how to identify them. The gas gauge system can be broken down into three basic parts: gauge, sender, and circuit. A fault in one or more of these parts will lead to gas gauge failure.

Input voltage, typically from the ignition circuit, is modified by the fuel sender.


The fuel float contacts run on a potentiometer, or variable resistor, whose resistance changes depending on float level, effecting a change in output voltage. Some systems are wired so that high fuel level contacts the low-resistance section, gradually increasing resistance as fuel level drops. The system thus outputs higher voltage at high fuel level, gradually dropping voltage as fuel level drops. Other systems have opposite wiring high fuel level corresponds to high resistance and low voltage but nonetheless go through the same process.

Most modern sending units are grounded to the electrical system, but some older cars were grounded to the body or frame. Some gas gauges are directly controlled by voltage feedback from the sending unit, while others are controlled by the instrument cluster, which itself gets voltage information from the sending unit. The gas gauge is a relatively simple circuit, but its simplicity means each component is essential to its function. Here are four ways that the gas gauge can fail.

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Then, run through the following tests to determine the source fo the problem. These steps should reveal the problem, but be wary of modern computer-controlled instrument clusters and gas gauges, which can be confusing to diagnose and repair. Benjamin Jerew. Benjamin Jerew is an ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician with over a decade of experience in auto repair, maintenance, and diagnosis.Discussion in ' 2nd Gen.

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zx10r fuel fuse under tank wont start 2005 full

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Quick Links: How to check brake pad thickness? No straw test? Fuel gauge not working ,no low fuel light Discussion in ' 2nd Gen. Post Reply. Last weekend it was with a 24' pontoon boat on the back ,coasted to the gas pump! Time before that was at white castle at 3amused the start cancel switch to crank it out of line and into a parking spot. Of course I understand it is a problem mostly likey with the fuel sending unit.

And I will mostly likey drop the tank and replace it. CoopDCSep 25, JansterSep 25, So is the gauge actually working, but the Low Fuel Warning Light isn't coming on? If so then just go by the gauge. I have never seen the Low Fuel Warning Light on any of my cars or trucks, I always fill at a quarter of a tank. That is just me though.After speeding over a deep pothole, speed bumper, or after a car accident, you could end up with an engine unable to start. So read carefully, and today you're going to learn how to find and reset fuel shut off switch on Ford, Peugeot, VW golf, Citroen, Vauxhall, Subaru, Renault, Dacia, Mazda, and many other cars.

Many vehicles come with a fuel pump shut off switches. The inertia switch is a security measure implemented by car manufacturers to shut off the fuel supply in case of a car crash or accident where a vehicle comes to a sudden stop instantly. Similar to an electrical circuit breaker in your home, you can reset it by pushing the button or pulling the leverage down. All modern fuel injection cars are equipped with an inertial fuel cut off switch that shuts off the power supply for the fuel pump if the vehicle is in a collision.

This prevents fuel from being pumped in case of the fuel line damage during an accident.

zx10r fuel fuse under tank wont start 2005 full

To start the engine after a car accident, you need to find fuel cut off switch location car inertia switch and reset it. I had an accident with my 1. At first, I thought that there is some major motor damage or malfunction that caused this.

Then I figured out that this might be due to activated fuel shut off switch, but the problem was that I could not find it! After some research on possible inertia switch location, I narrowed down the choice of potential places.

Now put the key in and start the engine. You might need to crank it up a few times before the motor starts. Engine cranks, but the car won't start.

Sound familiar? It looks simple, right? Well, not exactly. That is why I have decided to share my experience and write this article.Some issues are easy to fix at home, while others require assistance from a mechanic.

Also, if your ATV has a tether pull cord style kill switch, make sure it is connected properly. The battery should read 12,6 — 12,8V. Use a multimeter or a voltmeter to check the voltage. Am easy way to test your battery is by checking the voltage-drop with a multimeter as you try starting the bike.

ATV Won’t Start – Troubleshooting the Most Common Causes

If your fully charged battery drops below 11,5 volts under load while you crank the starterit needs to be replaced. If your battery is charged, but you still get nothing when turning the key, you may have a blown main fuse. Replace it with the right size fuse and try starting again. The solenoid works as a switch that sends a high current to your starter when you push the start button or turn the key.

For it to work you need to make sure it is getting power from the battery. If it does, you know it is getting power and the problem is likely with the solenoid itself or possibly the starter. Solenoid and starter issues will be covered later in the post.

If you do NOT hear a clicking sound, you can use a multimeter or voltmeter to verify that the solenoid is in fact not getting power. Look for loose or corroded terminals or shorts from damaged cables. If the plug is dry, the bike is not getting fuel and you need to continue the troubleshooting as described below. Please note that this method may cause electric shock if done incorrectly. You will find the proper steps for troubleshooting an ATV that is not getting a spark further down this post.

If the spark plug is still dry after cranking the engine for a few seconds, you know that fuel for some reason is not getting to the cylinder. Old or unstabilized gas tends to gum up over time and may create a clog. Dirt and debris getting inside the tank is another common culprit for a clogged up fuel supply. Note that if you find contamination such as dirt or gummed up fuel at wone spot, the whole system is likely dirty and needs a complete clean for the best result.

The steps involved are a bit different depending on whether your ATV has EFI electronic fuel injection or a traditional carburetor system. There is either a vent in the gas cap or a separate gas tank vent tube.

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Make sure neither is clogged and allows air to flow freely. Fuel needs to be replaced with air as it gets pumped out and used. If the vent is blocked, the fuel pump may not be able to suck fuel out of the tank.Most gas tank units consist of two parts, the gas gauge mounted in the dash and a tank sender mounted in the tank. The following trouble-shooting instructions apply to the AC-type fuel gauge, which is one of the most common type of units.

Your service manual will give you any added instructions necessary for your specific type of fuel gauge. The gas gauge, often located in the instrument cluster, consists of two small coils spaced 90 degrees apart with an armature and a needle placed at the intersection of the two coils. A dampener is also located on the armature to prevent excessive needle movement on rough roads. The tank sender unit is mounted to the outside of the gas tank with a float on the insideof course and is made up of a metal housing that contains a rheostat which is simply a resistance unitand a brush that comes in contact with the resistance unit.

The opposite end of brush unit is attached to the float arm located inside of the gas tank. The movement of the float arm is controlled by the amount of fuel in the gas tank. The variations in the amount of fuel in the tank cause the arm to move. This changes the resistance of the tank unit, changing the amount of current at the gauge unit coils, which in turn moves the needle located between the coils.

Beginning aroundsome vehicles have a small voltage regulator behind the dash that supplies a stable voltage supply for the instruments — something less than the battery voltage of six or 12 volts. This isolates the instruments from the effects of varying battery and generator voltage. So if you are checking voltage at the dash gauges on these cars and you read something less than battery voltage, it may be normal.

The most common cause of gas gauge trouble is a poor ground, especially at the tank sender unit. It is important that all wiring connections are clean and tight, and free of dirt and corrosion.

A poor ground or loose connection to a gas gauge is just as likely to cause problems as loose or dirty battery cables assuredly will with your starting system. To check further, connect a jumper wire between the ignition switch and the dash gauge.

If the gauge now works, replace the defective wiring between the gauge and the ignition switch. If the gauge needle remains stuck in one place, try turning the ignition switch off and on several times in succession. This will allow you to determine if it is the dash gauge or the tank sending unit that is defective.

A functioning sending unit will have a high resistance when the tank is full and a low resistance when the tank is empty.

zx10r fuel fuse under tank wont start 2005 full

If the gauge reads higher than it should, make sure the wire attached to the electrical terminal on the tank sending unit is making a good ground connection. If necessary, clean the connection and reinstall the wire to the terminal, then check the gauge operation. Turn the ignition switch on. If the gauge reads empty or below empty, the sending unit is defective.

If the gauge still reads high, try grounding the tank unit electrical terminal to a clean portion of the frame. If this brings the gauge to empty or below, the tank unit is OK, but there is a bad ground between the gas tank and the body or chassis or less likely, between the tank unit and the gas tank. Either way, find and correct the bad connection or merely run a permanent jumper wire from the frame to one of the screws holding the tank sending unit to the tank. If the gauge still reads incorrectly, the wire from the tank unit to the gauge may be faulty.

Check by using a jumper wire to ground the tank unit terminal on the gauge the one not connected to the ignition. If the gauge now reads empty or below, the problem is in the wire leading to the tank or its connection to the gauge. When the gauge reads lower than it should, check at the gauge by disconnecting the wiring from the tank unit. Turn the ignition on and if the needle reads full or above, the gauge unit is probably good and the tank unit or the wiring leading to it are probably the problem.

Reconnect the tank unit wire to the gauge before proceeding.

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